A trip to Brittany with Kevrenn Alre

299222_10152692626230707_1055844234_nGreig had the good fortune to travel to Brittany recently to play in competition with Kevrenn Alre, one of the premier “bagad” or groups in France. The grade 1 bagad contest is held each year in Brest at Le Quartz theatre and it is a fantastic musical experience to play Breton music and compete against many other famous bagads. Out of 15 grade 1 groups, the Kevrenn were announced victorious! Only for a results compiling error taking the win away and leaving Alre in second place overall. Congratulations must go to Bagad Cap Caval, the winners of the contest. The party atmosphere was not killed however and the feeling in the band is that the result is second only to the music – so here is the performance from the contest, I hope you enjoy!

Kevrenn Alre Brest 2013 – 2nd place